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Is it not relaxing to have warm sunlight streaming inside through a sparkling clean window? Do you not feel irritated when a dirty window fails to provide a clear view of the outside? How can your home have a fantastic curb appeal until it has streak-free, clean windows?

At Gu-Wi Gutters and Windows, LLC, we understand how important it is to have clean windows in a home and offer professional services for window cleaning in the Ballard, WA area. Homeowners who are terrified of climbing a ladder, do not have the time for window cleaning, or want their home window washing to be done seamlessly should schedule a visit by our window cleaners.

We can carry out both interior and exterior window cleaning in Ballard, completing both with beautiful results. Our window cleaners are trained to do a thorough job. Their window washing services include removing all the dust, debris, and stains from the window:

  • Panes

  • Frames

  • Screens

  • Sills

Window Washing Ballard

Your home windows are regularly exposed from the outside to the harsh natural elements. The outcome is an accumulation of dirt, mildew, water streaks, and other smudges on them. Even from the inside, windows get dirty by gathering dust, cooking fumes, and pet dander.

Meticulous window washing regularly is a must to restore the reduced beauty and functionality of the windows. By putting off window cleaning or doing a half-hearted job, you might have window replacement much sooner than expected.

Protect your investment by hiring us for window washing in your Ballard area home. The technicians we send out for window cleaning:

  • Work like they were in their own home

  • Do not rush the job

  • Give a new-like finish to your windows


There is no window washing or cleaning job that is beyond the capabilities of our experts. Our window cleaners are trained and well-equipped for working on windows:

  • Installed at any height

  • Of all types, shapes, and sizes

  • Even at hard-to-reach areas

With environment-friendly cleaning solutions and high-quality equipment including hand-held applicators, water-fed poles, rubber squeegees, flexible mops, towels and wiping cloths, our window cleaners do your Ballard area job so well that it surpasses your expectations.

We are sure that after working with our window cleaners, you will not even think of calling some other window cleaning company the next time your windows get dirty.

Call Gu-Wi Gutters and Windows, LLC at (206) 489-3077 to schedule window washing in your Ballard area home.


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