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Maintaining a home requires ensuring optimum performance of a home’s various parts. This is especially true for rain gutters in our area. Clean gutters help keep a home clean by preventing external and unwanted water and grime from entering a home. As professional gutter cleaners, we provide gutter clearing services across the Clackamas area. Our services provide a clean home environment that stops moss, mildew and allergens from collecting on and around your home. Gutter cleaning for your Clackamas, OR home can be done by Gu-Wi Gutters and Window. We have been providing quality solutions to homeowners and businesses since 1998. We offer well-planned gutter cleaning and gutter clearing services designed to get your property cleaned quickly and efficiently. Our trained gutter cleaners take pride in using the latest tools and equipment while providing excellent customer service. Gutter cleaning is effective in combatting:

  • Moss

  • Debris

  • Mosquito breading conditions

Clackamas Gutter Cleaners

Enjoy a clean, bug-free home and outdoor living space that is well-maintained year-round. There is no need to compromise on gutter cleaning. Our gutter cleaners in the Clackamas area can help maintain your home. We offer free estimates for our gutter clearing service. We will discuss your last gutter service date and the amount of work your current gutters need. As a part of our service, we provide debris, moss, and water removal. This creates a healthy environment for you and your family, and eliminates mosquito breeding areas. Gutter cleaning is often overlooked owing to busy schedules and limited attention paid to home exteriors. Our gutter clearing services get rid of gutter blockages that can affect waterflow, and we clean out debris that continues to collect during seasonal changes. Our gutter cleaners are:

  • Licensed& experienced

  • Diligent and professional

  • Dedicated to customer service


Do not let blocked gutters stop you from sitting out in the open and enjoying a cozy evening outside. Call our gutter cleaners to get a free estimate for your gutter cleaning and gutter clearing requirement in the Clackamas area. Enjoy our:

  • Quick turnaround time

  • Free estimates

  • Maintenance at discounted prices

  • Competitive pricing

Call Gu-Wi Gutters and Windows at (503) 380-6618 for quick gutter clearing in the Clackamas area.


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We donate our time working in Clackamas. All of the jobs we perform in Clackamas receive a 5% credit towards Community Cleanup. Do you or your neighbors have a recommendation – a community space that needs restoration? Let’s talk about it! Let’s clean up Clackamas.