Window Services


Exterior Window Washing

Dust and pollen naturally collect on window panes and fade the perspective to the outside. Gu-Wi uses environmentally-friendly cleaning products to manufacture a streak-free shine. Clean windows not only show a home-owners dedication to a professional image, but also allows for more natural light to enter the home.


Interior Window Washing

Yes, we also do interior windows! Our professional staff are particularly cautious and courteous. We ensure that no mess is left behind, and your interior windows are shining bright. We always recommend an interior window washing with your exterior window washing. Why hassle with your interior windows? Let us take care of them for you.


Track and Screen Cleaning

Screen cleaning is a complimentary service we offer with our exterior window washings. Ask about adding-on track and frame cleaning for as an additional service to your window washing to give your home some extra sparkle.


Skylight and Solar Panel Cleaning

It is important to maintain the cleanliness of your skylights and solar panels. Maximize the light from your skylights and the power from your solar panels by signing up for an annual washing.