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Dirty and dusty windows not only block your view but also give your home a dirty look. Put aside the thought of cleaning the windows DIY as this can be a dangerous job. Call in expert window cleaners to give your windows the thorough cleaning and washing that they require.

Rely on Gu-Wi Gutters and Windows, LLC for efficient window cleaning services in the Tigard, OR area. Being expert window washers and cleaners, we use the best cleaning products to give the windows of your home the shining, streak-free look you want.

We use professional grade squeegees to remove the soap and debris from the window. Before moving on to the next window, we ensure all sides of the frames and sills are thoroughly dry, and there are no residues. The soap and cleaning agents that we use for window cleaning, break apart the following:

  • Dust and dirt particles

  • Pollen spots

  • Fingerprints

  • Food stains

Window Washing Tigard

Window washing is that part of window cleaning that is done carefully. You cannot just pressure wash the windows as the glass panes might shatter from the water pressure. Window washing requires hand washing and thorough drying to protect any wooden window sills you might have.

Call us for window washing services around Tigard if you have windows that have non-wooden frames such as:

  • Vinyl

  • Aluminum

  • Steel

In the case of wooden window frames, we clean the window panes carefully so that the frame is not damaged. Depending on the finish of the wooden frame, we use the appropriate cleaning method. Trust us for using the proper window washing techniques and products, giving you thoroughly clean windows.


Calling in professional window cleaners is recommended over doing the task DIY for several reasons. Our expert window cleaners serving in the Tigard area can clean the windows thoroughly from the inside as well as the outside.

Choose us to be your window cleaners in Tigard and get the following benefits of professional window cleaning:

  • Saves time

  • No worry about specialized cleaning equipment

  • Extend the life of the windows

  • Note any minor issues with windows

Serving as reliable window cleaners, we use safe and non-toxic cleaning products. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, which means that we care for the safety of our employees as well.

Feel free to call Gu-Wi Gutters and Windows, LLC at (503) 380-6618 when you need window washing or window cleaning in the Tigard area.


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