Moss Treatment


Prevent Moss Build-up on Your Roof

As an additional service, we offer a preventative Moss Treatment package that is proven to safely keep away moss with the use of a zinc-sulfate product to deter moss growth.  We refuse to use harmful chemicals or poisons on your roof.  The zinc-sulfate product goes on dry and does not interfere with the integrity of your shingles.

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The Pacific Northwest is home to seasonal weather changes that have grown some of the most beautiful landscapes around. However, with an ideal climate for plants comes an ideal climate for mold, moss, and falling debris. Removing all of this harmful debris from the roof and gutters are essential to maintaining a clear and sustainable gutter-system.

Dust and pollen naturally collect on window panes and fade the perspective to the outside. Gu-Wi uses environmentally-friendly cleaning products to manufacture a streak-free shine. Clean windows not only show a home-owners dedication to a professional image, but also allows for more natural light to enter the home.
Complete the exterior cleaning process with a home siding, concrete patio, and deck wash. Pressure washing is an all-natural and safe way to get rid of dirt and grime that builds up over the years. Pressure washing creates an intense clean that makes your home, driveway, fence, deck, or patio brand-new.
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